District Football Champs

We did it again!

The buses were full with supporters from the Canaries Infant and our school.  Where were we heading to? The Soufriere Mini-Stadium of course, to support our star footballers. 

We had little players such as Alex Longville, Kimari John, Dhunya Jn. Baptiste, Zyhym Jn. Charles and Destiny Matty who are part of the grassroots football started by Mr. Stapleton, affectionately referred to as Staple.  Our line up from the Primary School included such names as Alvin Montoute, J’Wann Fred, John Wilfred, Kallis Mondesir, Harmonie Jones, Unisha Frederick, Kurshaun Edgar, Wayne Philigence, Kezman Ferguson, Jemarie Antoine, Makale Mitchel, Mosier Alcide, Al Montoute, Kyle Marcellin and the infamous Steven Octave. Not forgetting the coach Ms. Shennel Francis and the P.E. teacher, Bradley Tisson.


We had a great day of football,  fun and cheering but the really great moment was at the end. For fourth time, Canaries Football Team went home with the winning trophy. I can always get used to us winning every time. Please look out for us next year, when the District Eight Sports Committee organizes another Intra District Football Competition.

Canaries Star Team

Canaries Star Team


Champs about ready to receive their trophy