A Strange Footprint

Teasia Joseph - Grade 6

Teasia Joseph – Grade 6

Have you ever been lead to a strange footprint?  Well there was a rumor that someone discovered some strange ones around Mrs. Barcatel’s house.


On Friday night, the moon was glowing brightly in the dark sky.  My friends and I bravely decided to go and check what was the footprints were all about.  As we reached our destination, we saw a shadow. It was very terrifying. I had to take a deep breath instead of screaming out.  We held hands then tried to walk fearlessly.  As we got to the door step, there was a paper nailed to the door which said, enter if you dare but it was written in blood.


I opened the door slowly and saw worms covering the floor. It was disgusting. In the hallway which lead to the sitting room we saw the strange footprint.  We followed it. As we walked on the disgusting worms, we came over to a pole of rotting, stinking rodents.  Holding our nostrils, we entered the room.  There, in the thick darkness, we saw this big red pair of eyes.  I felt a chill run down my spine, as my eyes widen while the others took a deep breath.  The thing turned and quickly but quietly moved up the stairs.  We tiptoed up the stairs too. When we reached to the first room, we started hearing strange sounds.


We opened the door and saw black ashes flying out and saw Mrs. Barcatel laying on her bed and a big black animal with a weapon.  When Kim went to check if she was dead the animal killed him.  We all ran downstairs as it chased after us.  I managed to get out but my friends didn’t make it.  It was a catastrophe.

I screamed at the top of my lungs and people came.  When they entered the house to rescue my friends, they were all killed. I cried uncontrollably.    Mrs. Barcatel came out and said that it was her all the time.  When we asked her why she did that, she said that it was because her child was murdered. That experience was all very disturbing.