Look whom I found!

“Staples! Staple!” could be heard all about the place some months past but he just vanished into thin air. But did he really?


Mr. Hamilton Stapleton affectionately-known as Staples or Staple was one of the pioneers of the grassroots football program in Canaries.  Everybody who knows Canaries knows that our players have a legacy of reaching high up in the annual Black Heart and Super League football (soccer) tournaments. Well, a huge chunk of that credit goes to God, natural talent and the grassroots football initiative -which of course must mention Mr. Staple.


Well, ‘Staple’ went back to his home-town, Dennery and it was a pleasure to find him while conducting a CDEMA sponsored training to assess the safety of schools.  Mr. Hamilton is now employed with the government and is responsible for football and assists with sports in the Dennery area.  As always, he is well beloved and passionate about his work.  [Below  Mr. Hamilton Stapleton (left) Mr. Ian Frederick (right)]

Mr. Hamilton (left) Mr. Frederick (right)

The school wishes him well and owes him a debt of gratitude for helping with our Physical Education Program and for helping so many young Canarians reach National recognition and beyond in football.