Christening the School Garden

Today the idea of a garden for our school received the commitment of the Principal and Staff who unanimously agreed to work toward the success of this endeavor.

Earlier this morning, Agriculture Extension Officer, Mr. Damian Regis held a meeting with the principal and staff to formally present the concept of a school garden. He highlighted that benefits of a school garden. These include hands-on experiences in science, mathematics, and learning in general; motivating less academically inclined students, augmenting the school feeding program and providing an income stream for the school.

The school extends a warm welcome to alumni (past pupils), parents, interested persons in the community and elsewhere and corporate sponsors to be a part of this initiative.  Anyone is free to drop by the school with ideas for the following:

  • sources of quality, black soil
  • ideas of containers that can be recycled for planting
  • how they can devote their time and resources

In a subsequent post, we will highlight some corporate sponsors and their eagerness and contribution towards the Canaries Primary School Garden.