Third Place Winners! 2019 National Science Fair

At the closing ceremony, when the results were given, Canaries Primary School placed third in the Environmental Science category.  Wow, what a feat!  That was our first time attending the National Science Fair (finals) and we got third place, with our project- Plastic Garden. 

Third Place Trophy – Environmental Science Category

I want to begin by attributing credit for this marvelous idea to Mr. Kenneth Heldore, a farmer and parent who, in consultation with the principal proposed to use the plastics to start a garden project for the school.  His son Kademawi Hippolyte and other students, Khalid Clavier and Prince Charles, were instrumental in doing the handiwork like cutting the bottles et cetera.  Our local plumber, Mr. Viator Longville, known as ‘Doo’ helped by providing the materials for the irrigation system.  Ms. Lucien, Science Coordinator and Grade five teacher and the students, including those mentioned previously, and Dhunya Jn. Baptiste, Brielle Mitchel and Ryan Clery were the nuts and bolts of this project.  We also acknowledge Mr. Frederick’s input and time towards the project and the Principal’s guidance in facilitating the entire undertaking.

We believe that the reason we placed is that we presented a concept that can really help solve the food shortage problem we have in St. Lucia while saving the environment too.  Our project presents a real solution for the many households that have very limited gardening space; homes with only concrete yards or a small balcony.  Imagine if every household had a plastic garden where herbs, vegetables and real food can be grown.  Imagine families saving money and we having less plastic at the landfill.  The benefits are numerous.  Anyhow we are planning to have several plastic garden beds in the Canaries Primary School Garden, ‘Jardin l’Ecole’.

Khalid Clavier (left) Kademawi Hippolyte (right)

Mr. Kenneth Heldore